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Amanda // Instructor

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Meet Amanda!

Amanda started dancing at Divine Movement in 2013 to find a new way to move after her years in Latin Ballroom as a dancer and choreographer, but minutes into her first class she realized it would be SO much more. Amanda immediately fell in love with the supportive female community, freedom and meditative element of movement when following her breath and body, and both the inner and outer strength she found through Divine. As an instructor, she hopes to empower, inspire, and give permission to explore to any woman in her class through movement, fun, breathing, and growth of confidence. "As women we so often put others first, wear five responsibility hats at a time, and hide our curves to keep up with an idea of what a lady should be. In classes at Divine I feel so honored to guide women in taking care of themselves, stripping off those hats even just for a few hours a week, and owning their gorgeous bodies with confidence and pizzazz!"

Puyallup, WA

Why do you love Divine Movement?
I love everything about Divine Movement! I think the main reason I initially kept dreaming about my next class was because it allows all women to dance their story feeling beautiful even while dancing “messy.” I come from a world of dance with mirrors and counts and everything just so, and it freed me to just breathe and let go!

What music is on your “Divine” playlist right now?
Playlists are always changing for me based on my students’ needs and preferences, the time of year, and my mood. I’ll change a song last minute I hear on the radio on the way to class because it reminds me of one of the ladies in my upcoming class. Right now I’m drawn to everything old to new and from slow and heavy to light and full of hair tossing inspiration!

Favorite Food?
Blueberries! Yumm….

What is the farthest you have been from home?

When was the last time you cried?
The last class I taught at Divine… you ladies give me the goosebumps in all your confidence and surrender to movement!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A teacher

Guilty pleasure?
It’s a healthy (ok, maybe slightly unhealthy) balance of Reese’s and Pinterest

Favorite article of clothing to dance in?
Anything stretchy that I can pull on and off

Favorite quote?
“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”