Level 1: Beginner Classes

Start here! These classes do not require a prerequisite. Drop ins and 6 week series.

Pole 101 Series

Discover the thrill of spinning and dancing on the pole! In this 6 week series you will not only be experiencing the exhilarating flight of the spin but will also be feeling the rush of beauty that comes from our amazing Boudoir Dance™ Routine.

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Boudoir Dance™ 101 Series

Discover Boudoir Dance™. In this 6 week series you will indulge in all the beautiful, curvy moves of Boudoir Dance™ as well as learn a routine! This class involves very minimal use of the pole.

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Beginner Pole Dancing Workshop

Experience our signature Boudoir Dance™ style in this hour and 45 minute workshop! In this workshop you will learn basic floor work and a spin. By the end of the class you will be dancing a gorgeous and graceful routine.

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Pole 101 Drop In

Take our Pole 101 series at your own pace and on your own schedule! This hour and 45 minute class option is great for students who cannot make it to each of the classes in the 6 week series. Come when you can and pay as you go. See schedule for times.

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Conditioning (One Hour Class)

Time to flex those pole dancing muscles! This is not your ordinary conditioning class. This movement is Divine. No prerequisite.

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Flexibility (One Hour Class)

Improve your flexibility using a series of stretches and the foam roller. No prerequisite.

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Level 2: Beginner/Intermediate Classes:

Drop ins and Series. Please note prerequisites.

Boudoir Dance™ Basic Series

This six week series will guide you lovingly into freestyle dance! Your instructor will lead you through mind-blowing exercises designed to encourage movement exploration. Shoes will be introduced in this level!! Note: This class focuses on the art of Boudoir dance rather than the technical aspects of the pole. Prerequisite: Pole 101 or Boudoir Dance™ 101

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Basic Spins (Drop In)

From Pole 101, continue your Pole and Boudoir Dance™ journey here!! Be amazed as the moves and that make up this elegant style of dance, become your own as you learn new spins and how to climb the pole. Your instructors will be there to guide you as you develop your public solitude, strengthen your pole crunch and learn and solidify the climb and sit. Prerequisite: Pole 101 or Boudoir 101

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Boudoir Dance™ Choreography (Drop In)

Learn a new piece of choreography to freestyle into and out of! This class will teach a sequence of moves to enhance your freestyle experience and get you moving in new ways. Prerequisite: Pole 101

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Pole Power Hour (One Hour Class)

Practice your moves, spins, tricks and inversions. Each student will be working on different things in this mixed level class. Your instructor will work with you wherever you are at in the pole progression. Prerequisite: Pole 101 or equivalent.

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Boudoir Dance™ (Drop In)

Focus on your Freestyle. This class will warm you up and get you into the zone. Students come to work on their freestyle as we explore the art of Boudoir Dance™. Check our facebook page for Boudoir Dance™ inspiration each week which involves clothing/music assignments and themes! Prerequisite: Boudoir 101 or Pole 101. Note: In this class students are practicing their freestyle dance. 

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Level 3: Intermediate Classes

Boudoir Dance™ Intermediate Series

This six week series will take your dance to the next level!! Each week your dance vocabulary will grow and so will your confidence! Chair dance and strips will be covered in this series. Prerequisite: Boudoir Dance™ Series.

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Boudoir Dance™ Spins and Climbs (Series)

Incorporate spins, climbs, holds, and transitions into your freestyle dance! A Divine instructor will help each student to develop their own combo that fits their ability and goal for the class. Students will work on exploring and practicing this combo each week through various freestyle dance exercises. Prerequisite: Some Basic Spins and ready to freestyle.

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Inversions 101 (Series)

Inversions 101 is a six week series dedicated to teaching and breaking down our Basic Inversions progression! This class is designed for students who are new to inversions and are interested in learning this progression in a series format, and for any inversion student looking to work on mastering those basic skills. This class will also work on the freestyle aspect of Boudoir Dance™. Prerequisite: Basic Spins-Qualifies for Basic Inversions.

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Boudoir Dance™ Inversions (Series)

This class will focus on incorporating your inversions into your freestyle dance gracefully. Prerequisite: Basic-Intermediate Inversions.

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Advanced Spins (Drop In)

Combos, climbs and holds, oh my! Learn new spins and spin combos. You will also learn static pole poses (holds) and advance your climbing skills. Prerequisite: Basic Spins.

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Basic Inversions (Drop In)

See pole dancing from a new perspective as we take things upside down. Build upper body and core strength while learning all the foundational inverted pole positions. By the end of this level you will be able to link 5 moves together on the pole without ever touching the ground!! You must master all the basics before moving into Intermediate Advanced Inversions. Prerequisite: Basic Spins and or Advanced Spins.

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Level 4: Intermediate-Advanced

Boudoir Dance™ Advanced Series

This eight week series is designed to challenge you and push you outside of your comfort zone. Class will begin with a Boudoir Dance warm up that will change and evolve throughout the series. Each week you will explore new creative movement techniques applied to your freestyle dance. There will also be assignments tailored to individual students that will explore clothing, music, and much much more!!! Prerequisite: Must have take Boudoir Intermediate series and have instructor approval. 

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Intermediate/Advanced Inversions (Drop In)

Once you’ve mastered the basic inversions you are ready to take the next step! We will be working on more advanced inversions and on linking our moves into combos. Prerequisite: Basic Inversions and instructor permission before attending.

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