Instructor Spotlight

Emily // Instructor

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Meet Emily!

Emily is a Washington native who began her dance journey at Divine in 2016. She fell in love with the studio, which allows women to freely explore their bodies and emotional depths. Dance has allowed her to express herself in ways she never thought possible. She strives to create a nurturing and freeing space for her students to delve into their own journey and discover new parts of themselves.


Why do you love Divine Movement? 
The safe and supportive space  it gives it’s students to explore and express themselves. It was at Divine I learned to give myself the permission to honor my body free of judgement.

What do you consider your teaching style?
Present and mindful. I strive to allow my students space and/or support, whatever they need in their journey.

What music is on your “Divine” playlist right now?
Generally, I’m drawn to dark and sensual music, though what my body responds to is always changing!

Favorite food?

What is the farthest you have been from home? 
Europe! Germany, France, and Austria specifically.

When was the last time you cried?
I cry all the time. Usually over happy things.

Guilty pleasure? 
Finding a song I love and then listening to it hundreds of times in a row.

Favorite article of clothing to dance in? 
Anything soft that lets me slide around on the floor.

Favorite quotes?
“I explained it when I danced it.” – Margot Fonteyn (Royal Ballet)