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Jean // Instructor

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Meet Jean!

Jean came to Divine non-athletic, non-body aware, and without a dance background. But hair toss by hair toss, she learned how to feel within her own body, and dance became her forever drug of choice. Her desire to cross train for the technical side of pole led her on an anatomical trek into yoga & barre teacher training, and her true passion for teaching revealed itself. Pole has become her way she finds her own sense of home again, a connection to her body, and an incredible space of self-love and connected sensuality.


2017 PSO NW – Championship Level 1 Junior/Senior Champion


Certified Barre Instructor

Certified Yoga Teacher, RYT-200

Myofascial Release, Ball Therapy Instructor


Most people are surprised to learn I’m a small town country girl… I grew up in a tiny hick town 2 hours south of Seattle.

Why do you love Divine Movement?

Divine has become my intimate and necessary place of exploration, self-expression, artistry, physical growth, and healing. Discovering dance has given me a sense of wholeness I’ve never experienced. And the constant outpouring of love and empowerment the Divine community contains is so uniquely different and special. I feel smothered in hugs and squeals in every end to end moment when I walk into the studio… It’s a wonder that I ever leave.

What do you consider your teaching style?

I’m obsessed with anatomy… I think it’s because physicality has been a latter-part-of-life journey for me. I love the exploration of movement to continually find what my body is truly capable of. Even better is sharing this body awareness with my students, helping them to discover new strength and shapes to uncover a uniquely beautiful style meant for their bodies. I want my babes to feel gorgeous, held, and seen every time they step into class.

What music is on your “Divine” playlist right now?

Playlists are my FAVORITE thing. I find myself in Spotify rabbit holes for hours without coming up for air. While my list is ever-changing, a few go-to artists are Sia, Billie Eilish, Gavin James, Michl, & Taylor Swift.

Favorite Food?

I mean, is that a possible question to answer? I love food so much. Ok ok… If it were my last meal, I would choose cake. An entire birthday cake with tons of frosting, and I’d eat every crumb and probably lick the plate. In a pinch, a cupcake will get me by.

What is the farthest you have been from home?

I dated a boy who moved to India for work, and spent a week in Bangalore & Kabini.

When was the last time you cried?

I don’t consider myself a big crier, but This Is Us will get me every. single. time.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I thought I’d be a singer. Since I moved on from that, I rarely sing unless I’m in the car.

Guilty Pleasure?

Reality TV, bubblegum pop, re-run marathons, and super soft sweatshirts. Oh, and Frankie & Jo’s ice cream, but I refuse to feel any guilt there.

Favorite article of clothing to dance in?

The less the better. Skin is stunning. I love the freedom I feel in a flowy tank and cheeky shorts.

Favorite quote?

I have about 50 and they are always changing, but I’ll go with my tattoo:
“Your body says what words cannot.”