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Laura // Instructor

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Meet Laura!

Laura is a Seattle native and a HR professional in the real world. She started dancing at Divine Movement in 2013 after being pressured by a coworker and it worked! Laura has a Theater degree from the University of Washington. Although she no longer works in the theater world professionally, she found that pole dancing was what she needed to satisfy the creative itch in her life. She lives with her dog and husband in Kenmore and spends her free time traveling, bird/ wildlife watching, and gardening.

Kirkland, WA

Why do you love Divine Movement?
I love that Divine creates a safe space for women to move, create, learn technique, but also break the rules and be messy. There are so many tracks you can take and you’ll find supportive classmates and instructors along the way.

What do you consider your teaching style?
My teaching style is incredibly supportive. I was slow to progress in my early days of pole, so I have patience and sympathy for those who don’t catch on easily. I am here to celebrate your accomplishments and give you a push to keep trying. I love the style of Boudoir dance that we teach, so I work on finding ways to break the rules, get messy, and find the “you” in your dance.

What music is on your “Divine” playlist right now?
Kesha – Praying, Work Song – Hozier, Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye. You’ll find a lot of variety in my playlists and usually a new playlist each class.

Favorite Food?
Mexican food

What is the farthest you have been from home?
I love to travel! Farthest by distance would be Chiang Mai, Thailand… one of my favorite places I’ve been to.

When was the last time you cried?
I laugh/ cried at an episode of my favorite podcast this morning… (My Favorite Murder anyone?)

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An actress (as a young child I wanted to be in movies, but later in my childhood I wanted to be on Broadway).

Guilty pleasure?
My co-workers said I couldn’t be in the cool kids club unless I watched the Bachelor (and BIP/ Bachelorette)…so now I do.

Favorite article of clothing to dance in?
“Pants on, Dance on”… Pants allow me to really be “me” in my movement.

Favorite quote?
“No matter what, nobody can take away the dances you’ve already had.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez