Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun, supportive and inspiring environment for women to explore and awaken their unique beauty. We are dedicated to offering well rounded classes that enable women to experience and behold the breathtaking and awe inspiring feminine mystique. Our goal is for you to look and feel gorgeous as you master the art of pole dancing. Our classes are held in a private, women only environment to facilitate the art of the dance as an intimate journey and a discovery of the joy of being a woman.

Our Philosophy

Divine Movement Dance is dedicated to awakening beauty, elegance and playfulness. We are about grace, strength, passion, and integrity. We encourage women to take ownership of their bodies in a positive and loving way.
We strive to foster an environment that enables us as women to value our feminine identity and to experience the joy of the complex, mysterious, creative and awesome female design we’ve been blessed with.
All women are welcome here!