COVID-19 Policies

Updated: 3/28/22

  • Masks are now optional for fully-vaccinated individuals.
  • Proof of vaccination is still required for all students. Please email a clear photo of your vax card to or arrive 5-10 minutes early for class to give your instructor time to review it.
  • If you or a family member have traveled by plane (domestic or international), please mask while at the studio for at least 5 days.
  • If you have possibly been exposed to someone with COVID, please mask for at least 5 days.
  • If you have definitely been exposed to COVID, please follow the Washington State Department of Health guidelines.

If you have an official medical exemption, we are happy to work to accommodate your needs.  If you require this exemption, please contact and we will discuss what documentation and pre-class testing is required so that you can attend class as safely as possible.

This is a constantly evolving situation; please reach out to the studio directly if you have any questions or concerns about our current policy.

Cancellation Policies

Drop-In Classes:
Divine Movement enforces a strict 12-hour cancellation policy for drop-in classes. Cancellation must occur at least 12 HOURS in advance of a drop-in class to avoid incurring penalties. If you have reserved your place in any drop-in class and then fail to cancel at least 12 hours in advance for any reason, you will be charged for the enrolled class. No refunds. If you have an Unlimited Pass, a late cancellation/no-show fee of $20 will be charged to your account for each late cancellation.

6- or 8-Week Series:
Series enrollments are nonrefundable and nontransferable. You may reschedule your series a maximum of two (2) times, if you provide at least one (1) week notice for all rescheduling. If you have reserved your place in any series and then fail to reschedule at least one (1) week in advance for any reason, you will be charged for the enrolled series. Please be sure to check your schedule to make sure you can attend all series classes. 

If you miss a class in a Pole 101 or Boudoir 101 Series only, you may make up one (1) class during the series in another Pole 101, Boudoir 101, or Pole 101 Drop-In class. Contact to schedule your one (1) make-up class.  No make-up classes are offered for any other Divine Movement Series.

Workshop enrollments are nonrefundable and nontransferable. You may cancel or reschedule a workshop a maximum of two (2) times, if you contact the studio at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled workshop. If you have reserved your place in any workshop and then fail to cancel/reschedule at least 24 hours in advance, for any reason, you will be charged for the workshop.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons:
All private lessons and semi-private lessons must be paid in full before scheduling. You must contact the studio at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson to cancel or reschedule. If you do not show up for your scheduled private lesson or if you cancel within the 24-hour window, you will be charged for the private lesson.

Pole Parties:
All parties are nonrefundable and must be paid in full at least 72 hours prior to scheduled party. Please make sure your date and time work for you and your party before booking it with us. You may reschedule your party a maximum of two (2) times, if you contact the studio at least 72 hours in advance of your scheduled party. 

Be aware that all alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED at Divine Movement. If you or any member of the party appear intoxicated, it is up to the instructor’s discretion whether or not you will be allowed to participate in the party. Your party will NOT be refunded for any reason.

Guest Workshops/Classes/Intensives:
All workshop, classes, and intensives taught by visiting guest instructors are nonrefundable and cannot, for any reason, be canceled, rescheduled, or transferred to another student.

Door Unlocking/Locking

To keep students safe and to maintain the integrity of our classes, we do not allow late arrivals to class, and doors remain locked while classes are in progress. Your Ambassador or instructor will unlock the front door 15 minutes before classes begin, so you can settle in and prepare for class, and lock the door again promptly at the start of class.

Class Waitlist

If a class you wish to take is full, you can join the waitlist for it. The waitlist system will automatically add you to the class roster if a spot becomes available up to twelve (12) hours prior to class time. You will be sent an auto email, so be sure to have a valid email address on your Mindbody profile and that you have subscribed to receive email notifications. 

Please be sure that you can attend the class you are waitlisted for! Once you are moved off the waitlist and into the class, you will be charged a Late Cancel if you do not show up to class, as noted above in our cancellation policies. If you know ahead of time you can’t make it to class, immediately remove yourself from the waitlist to give room for other waitlist students and to avoid a late cancellation.

Within 12 hours of class, you will need to manually check in MindBody or the Divine Movement app to see whether someone else has dropped and opened a space. The waitlist system will not automatically add you to the roster during this 12-hour window.

Walk-In Enrollment

No walk-in students will be admitted into series classes. While walk-ins for open drop-in classes are welcome, class sizes are limited and many popular classes are often sold out. Sign up in advance to guarantee your spot. 

Student Accounts

Class Passes, Series, and Workshops:
All class passes are nonrefundable and nontransferable to other students. Please note expiration dates before your purchase and make sure you can use all of your classes before they expire. No extensions or refunds will be granted under any circumstances.

Account Credits:
All Workshop, Series, Class and Drop-in credits in your account must be applied to a Workshop, Series, Class or Drop-in that takes place BEFORE the stated expiration date. No exceptions or extensions to account credits.

All DIVINE class enrollments are not negotiable, transferable or cancellable except as otherwise detailed in these written policies.

There will be NO refunds for lack of use or for late arrival.

Free Classes:
There will be NO free classes offered for lack of use or for late arrival.

Price Changes:
Prices are subject to change without notification, and as deemed necessary by Divine Movement.

Dress Code

  • Please come to class fully prepared for strenuous activity: water bottle, athletic/pole shorts, yoga type pants, leg warmers, knee pads, and heels (as necessary for your enrolled class). NOTE: Nudity is not permitted in group classes.
  • No rings or earrings are permitted while participating in classes, as jewelry can damage the poles.
  • Do not apply lotion or oils, which make gripping the pole difficult and dangerous, on the day of class.
  • Do not wear heavily-scented perfume to class, out of regard for your fellow students.

Male-Identifying Students

Male-Identifying students are welcome at private events but not in our group classes. Divine is a studio that is a safe space for female-identifying and gender non-conforming folks. Please reach out to if you are male-identifying and would like details about setting up a private lesson or event!

Age Limit

You must be 18 years old or older to enroll in any Divine Movement classes. For private lessons and pole parties, there is no age limit with parental consent and supervision.

Photo/Video Recording

Photography and video recording is not permitted during most classes. If you wish to photograph or record your dance, we encourage you to attend our Splendid Visions workshop! You are also welcome to use recording devices during Open Pole, any private or semi-private lessons, and room rentals. Contact with any questions or if you would like to book studio time.

Late Arrival/Late Cancel:

Absolutely no late entry into class is permitted. Doors are locked one (1) minute after the scheduled start time of class and classes will begin on time. If you arrive late for any Divine Movement class, you will forfeit your spot and will be charged for the enrolled class. No refunds. Please arrive at least five (5) minutes early to class to properly stretch, warm up, and enjoy the Divine experience. 

Upon arrival to the studio, please sign the sign-in sheet so we know you attended class. If we cannot find your name on the sign-in sheet, you will be marked as Late Cancel. A class is deducted from your class pass if you are marked as Late Cancel; if you have an Unlimited Pass, a late cancellation/no-show fee of $20 will be charged to your account for each late cancellation.