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Say Hello to Caitie!

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photo credit: Cynthia Kelly

“Divine has given me a community of women that lift each other up and support each other in and out of the studio. Try it. You’ve gotta try it. You’ll feel like you can lift a car afterwards.”

Miss September 2017:  Caitie

I’ve been a nanny to the same family for the past 6 years (WOW) but I’m currently in the middle of switching over to another divine job opportunity…I’m so happy to announce that I have accepted a position as the Administrative/Marketing Assistant for Divine Movement Dance!!!

I am also the cofounder of an all female sketch comedy group in Seattle! Molly, Kara, and I make up the group Day Job and have written, directed, acted, and produced sketch comedy shows together for the past 3 years! We have a show coming up on September 22nd at 7pm at The Annex Theatre, if you’re so inclined come see us make jokes and frolick about!! 

Your motto or favorite quote:  You are the star of your own life.

How long have you been pole dancing at Divine?  Almost two years!  

Did you have any previous dance or fitness training before starting pole?  As far as dance goes I’ve taken hip hop for several years (which I love) and the occasional jazz class (where I mostly feel like an awkward gazelle). In terms of fitness, I was on my elementary school soccer team for a hot second before ultimately deciding I’d rather galavant around on horseback. I took lessons every Saturday for 8 years before moving away to college and now as a 29 year old adult I still go to “horse camp” every summer with the friends I met at the barn when I was younger. We stay with our teacher Natalie and sleep on her living room floor and ride horses and eat massive amounts of peanuts butter and jelly sandwiches. IT’S. THE. BEST.

What made you decide to take pole dancing classes?  My wonderful, talented, beautiful friend Hannah told me one of her coworkers was teaching a beginner series at Divine and asked if I wanted to try it with her! I was VERY nervous but instantly loved it. Shout out to Erika for being the most lovely human and giving me the best introduction to this style of dance and Divine.

Favorite class? (spins, inversions, or boudoir), and why?  That’s so hard! Boudoir is the style that gives my soul life. It’s all about freestyle movement and just doing what feels good in your body. Having the freedom to express myself through dance and musicality feels like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s a therapy I never knew I needed and never want to live without.

Inversions I love because it’s so hard but sooooooo gratifying when you get one thing right! I just passed into that class so I’m loving the feeling of going upside down. So. Much. Adrenaline.

What is it that you LOVE about pole dancing at Divine?  I love the whole vibe of the studio. The atmosphere is all about body positivity and women supporting other women. There are no mirrors in the dance rooms so it really enforces the idea that it’s not about how you look when you dance but how you FEEL. If you feel sexy you ARE sexy. Period. As women, we have so many unfair beauty standards imposed on us by the media and we’re constantly being told by society how to dress, when to smile, and what we should do with our bodies. Divine is a safe space to reclaim the power of our sensuality and take ownership over our bodies. It gives me life and strength during a time when so many scary and upsetting things are happening at the hands of our administration. That’s a huge reason why Divine is special to me.

Platforms or legwarmers?  Legwarmers. ALWAYS. I did manage to walk in platforms the other day and only tipped over once…which I count as a win.

What are you currently working on technically?  Technically I’m working on building strength to advance in upside-down-town! Jenna has shepherded me into her inversions drop-in class and I have loved every minute of it.

What are you working on artistically?  Artistically I’m working on letting go in my Boudoir dance. Sometimes it can be hard for me to fully let go and release the expectations I have for my freestyle dance. When I am able to give in to the music and move the way my body wants to move I am able to fully enjoy myself.

What is your favorite move?  I love creepily crawling across the floor. Any excuse to be weird and creepy is my JAM.

What is in your pole bag (ex: grip aid, journal, etc)?  I have black leg warmers, knee pads, pole shorts, a water bottle, my pole journal, and soooooometimes my one pair of 7″ heels.

Do you have a favorite song to pole dance to?   I just danced to “Praying” by Ke$ha in my Advanced Boudoir Series and my heart exploded in the best, most empowering way.

We LOVE music at Divine. What 3 songs would be featured on the soundtrack to YOUR life, and why?  

  1. “Woman” by Ke$ha. LIVE YOUR LIFE. Don’t apologize for who you are, take up space, be powerful.
  2. 9-5” by Dolly Parton. Let’s be real, we’re all just trying to get by. Working our 9-5’s so we can dance from 6-10pm! Get it Dolly.
  3. “Take It Easy” by Summer Osborne. I first heard Summer play at a house concert Erika was hosting and I instantly fell in love with her energy and this song. Go listen to it now. Take away line… “Don’t forget to be kind to yourself.”

Guilty pleasure:  Bachelor in Paradise. ALWAYS. 

Final Question:
Any inspirational advice you would like to share with new polers?  Don’t let your nerves stop you from trying something new! I was so nervous before I came to my first class. What should I expect? Would the other dancers be nice? Will I look silly? Can I do this?! But GOOD LORD. Going to my first pole class was a soul changing experience. Divine has given me a community of women that lift each other up and support each other in and out of the studio. I have a newfound appreciation for my body and what it can do for me. I have a safe space to explore everything that makes me who I am and I know there are literally hundreds of women behind me ready to catch me if I fall. Try it. You’ve gotta try it. You’ll feel like you can lift a car afterwards.