Student Spotlight

Say Hello to Karen!

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What do you love about Divine?

The community and fellowship, the belonging, sharing the love, joy, struggles, challenges, accomplishments, and being a woman…building strength and flexibility, grace and confidence, and having a place where we all have permission to celebrate what and who we all are, no matter where we are on our journey.

Name: Karen Zinski

Occupation: Aerospace Engineer

Your motto or favorite quote: “Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.” ~George Elliot

How long have you been pole dancing at Divine? Off and on since 2013.  When I’ve had to be away, I come back thinking “Oh Yeah, that’s why I love this place so much!!”

Did you have any previous dance or fitness training before starting pole?  I was learning west coast swing and Argentine Tango, which I’d started as part of my rehab after a serious car accident in 2009.

What made you decide to take pole dancing classes?  I got a Groupon for Divine and I had always wanted to try Pole Dance.

Favorite class? (spins, inversions, or boudoir), and why? It’s super difficult to narrow it all down since I am in love with all of them!  I love to float, soar, suspend, hang, spin, twirl, strut, prance, and roll…but I love Boudoir most because I am privileged to sit and watch others experience the joy in doing that also!!!

Platforms or legwarmers?  Yes.

What are you currently working on technically? Passing out of basic inversions.  For about the forever’th year in a row.  😉

What are you working on artistically? Standing and being seen in my dance, vs. rolling on the floor with my hair hiding my face.  

What is your favorite move? That’s like picking a favorite child.  I love Dragonfly Spin because I can play with momentum and timing to fit the music.

What is in your pole bag (ex: grip aid, journal, etc)?  Since I usually am rushing to Divine after work, I carry shorts, tops, leggings, leg warmers, hoodie, deodorant, grip aid, platforms, journal, knee pads, sport bra, sometimes a snack, and sandals to wear home.  That’s also Mom training–I can pretty much survive nuclear winter everywhere I go. 😉 You should see my hiking backpack.

Do you have a favorite song to pole dance to?    I have MANY—so much music, so little time.  But I have obsessed over “Baby” by Midoca the most.

We LOVE music at Divine. What 3 songs would be featured on the soundtrack to YOUR life, and why? Gershwin “Rhapsody in Blue”—a nod to my training as a classical musician (flute), and it’s a mix of playful, dramatic, and bittersweet like my childhood.  “I Gave it All” by Aquilo, because, yeah, I do. And for today, Calum Scott’s cover of “Dancing On My Own”. For the last 5 years, and for the first time since college, I am living on my own and have finally learned to appreciate and really enjoy it.

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, Netflix, and Watercolor painting, all at the same time.

Final Question: Any inspirational advice you would like to share with new polers? ENJOY—the journey, the accomplishments, the release, the process, but mostly, enjoy the moment!  Celebrate all your beautiful self is able to do, no matter what that means in that particular moment.