Student Spotlight

Say Hello to Mackenzie!

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What is it that you LOVE about pole dancing at Divine?

I love that Divine offers me a place where all the walls I hold in my daily life can come down. When I walk into Divine I know I’m in a place of love and that gives me the freedom to be vulnerable and nourish my body in a way normal life doesn’t always allow.

Name:  Mackenzie 

Occupation: Project Manager

Your motto or favorite quote: I’m not big on mottos or quotes, but I do believe that you should never stop learning!

How long have you been pole dancing at Divine? Almost three years!

Did you have any previous dance or fitness training before starting pole? I started dancing when I was 2 years old and danced for many years- mainly modern, jazz, ballet. As a kid I was part of a local kids dance company called Kaleidoscope Dance Company! Anyone with kids should definitely check it out, for me it was life defining/changing!

What made you decide to take pole dancing classes? I was struggling with work-life balance and, having burned out on athletics during college, I hated the gym. I needed to find a physical activity that would bring me joy and on a whim (having seen the groupon) I decided to try Divine. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Favorite class? (spins, inversions, or boudoir), and why? Basic Spins! It feels like home. There’s always something to work and I love letting it all go in the final 2 songs of class. 

Platforms or legwarmers? Legwarmers +  all the warm and cozy things!!

What are you currently working on technically? I’m at the beginning of my inversions journey, so I’m working on getting comfortable with the first combination and breaking in new skin!

What are you working on artistically? I’m always trying to explore new shapes and odd angles. I love when someone picks an uncommon song and literally all expectations are gone because you have to immediately find a new way to move to fit the song – one of my unusual favorites was dancing to a song from the Hamilton musical!

What is your favorite move? Butterfly whip combos! They are my comfort zone. 

What is in your pole bag (ex: grip aid, journal, etc)? Knee pads, legwarmers, journal, water bottle.

Do you have a favorite song to pole dance to?  Right now, I cannot get enough of Goddess by Jaira Burns.

We LOVE music at Divine. What 3 songs would be featured on the soundtrack to YOUR life, and why?

Our Song by Taylor Swift: Yes, I admit I’m a Swiftie. Taylor Swift can take me back to high school in an instant. She is the song of sleepovers and dances and crazy crushes. 

Pony by Ginuwine: This is definitely a transition song- going from fitting others’ expectations to letting go and just doing what feels good and fun with my life! Plus it reminds me of Pole 101. 

Good As Hell by Lizzo: This is my “now” song. I can’t help that I feel good as hell about my life right now! 

Guilty pleasure: I don’t feel guilty about anything, it’s called self-care now! I need my baked goods, face masks, massages, and wine!

Final Question: Any inspirational advice you would like to share with new polers? Just close your eyes and jump! Ok, maybe don’t jump, but do try closing your eyes and just moving your body however she wants to. Let go of expectations from any other “fitness” or “dance” classes you’ve taken and be ready to explore a new way of loving yourself!