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Shelly // Instructor

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Meet Shelly!

Shelly was born and raised in Michigan where she went to school for Theater and Psychology. Always looking for ways to grow and learn she moved to San Francisco and eventually Seattle where she discovered Divine. Once the movement and culture washed over her she never looked back. She found things at Divine that satisfied each part of her personality; being able to perform, becoming stronger mentally and physically, and make friendships with the coolest people on the planet!

Flint Michigan

Why do you love Divine Movement?
Let me count the ways…honestly I don’t think I could list all the things that make Divine special. It is the combination of fiercely amazing humans and the sweet release of movement that create something truly magical. I feel like I am my best self because of the connections and strengths that have been developed at Divine.

What do you consider your teaching style?
I love helping students see themselves in a positive light and push through things that are challenging. I want to provide support and a gentle loving pressure to help you see how amazing you are.

What music is on your “Divine” playlist right now?
Music is a driving force in my life. I like to have music playing for just about everything I do! My current faves are: Jena Irene Asciutto, be steadwell, Billie Eilish, and Lizzo. Follow me on Spotify for my ever changing and growing line up!

Favorite Food?
Popcorn! My girlfriend always laughs that it is my all around comfort food no matter the situation.

What is the farthest you have been from home?
I live for travel and am often found discovering new parts of this glorious world, but furthest so far would be Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal.

When was the last time you cried?
I cried about a month ago after a friend going through a transition in her life told me that she is hopeful about her future for the first time ever, thanks to finally having supportive friendships… and every time I watch a movie with an animal protagonist.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a veterinarian, actress, environmentalist, and “helper.” I hope I have at least fulfilled that last one.

Guilty pleasure?
I regularly go around the world and play pretend with friends in castles…it’s called LARP and it is amazing.

Favorite article of clothing to dance in?
This depends on the music and what mood I am in. Lately I have been getting into dancing in pants though which I quite enjoy.

Favorite Quote?
“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” As an educator in the “real” world this helps me feel like I am making a difference.


“If you stumble, make it part of the dance.” This is the truest expression of my dance style.