This class is incredibly empowering. Not only is it an amazing workout, it gives you confidence in your body and your sensuality. I think that every woman should take this class because it produces confidence, and it’s so much fun! – J

I have to say thank you! I’ve had a complete breakthrough because of pole dancing. This is life changing! – Tessa

It’s so much fun. I look forward to it every week. I feel stronger, more empowered as a woman. – Anna

These classes “gave me permission” to see myself as seductive and beautiful simply because I am a woman. – Rachael

You will find value in this class, beyond your expectations. – Marnie

It is so much fun, the atmosphere is great, the girls are great, You get a great workout, while having a great time and looking beautiful. What more could you ask for? – Sarah

I feel so incredible about my body now. This class has made me grow more confident as a woman and I am actually proud of my body, which is an entirely new feeling for me. I am encouraging all of my girlfriends and family members to take this class! – Jessie

You HAVE to try it! You will not regret it! – Janel

I really enjoyed the ‘whee-e-e!’ sensation of going around the pole and I am hooked on it. I love the atmosphere provided that makes women feel secure and relaxed. It’s amazing to see people improve from the first class to the last, that’s an indication of good instruction. – Lera

I never knew my body could move in the ways I’ve been taught at Divine Movement and I love the work out. I really like the instructors encouragement, all moves are broken down very well. – Kimi

It will help you love your own body, feel the sensations of your body, and feel “gorgeous” and feminine. – Grace

This class is amazing! I have really enjoyed it and am going to buy a pole for my house. – Leah

I am so addicted to this! I love it more and more the deeper we get into it. – Rebekah

It’s very fun! In a welcoming environment that is not intimidating. Angi made the class enjoyable and has a real passion for teaching. – Jill